Week 10

Obstacles I could face if I was to do the installation with glass bottles involved:

  • Transporting it from innovation to main campus, how would I do that safely with glass shards?
  • If i didn’t have shards that were stuck together then the two artworks at each campus would look slightly different; would this be interesting? or ruin the effect?
  • How much is too much? Do I just do installation or incorporate video installation as well?
  • Will I be able to collect enough bottles in time?
  • How can I practice/iterate this if the glass might be a OHS issue?
  • Would I just have the glass spilling out randomly or have it spelling out something? Or is that to overt and too much to look at? Would it end up like a mosaic?

Brainstorm with Mat:

  • Research policies
  • How is glass recycled how is it broken down
  • Think laterally
  • Is it about governance? whats the rhetoric behind these policies? is it about presenting information to in the gallery space
  • Do material research (experiment)
  • What is appealing about glass?
  • Create my own recycling space in the gallery
  • Its more than just “waste is bad” we’ve heard that a million times before and we’ve stopped listening -matt

After talking to Mat…

  1. I want to address the fact that waste is bad but that something can be done about it, it’s just that out government is doing minimal about it…. we are going to expel waste no matter what, this isn’t about going zero waste it’s about re-using our materials and spending the money we allocate to recycle to ACTUALLY recycle
  2. An animation counting what is being put into landfill and then next to it the comparison of what is actually being recycled
  3. CHAINS- have bottles hanging from them and then lights shining into them and maybe something in the bottle that casts a shadow


Bottles and cans from 2 weeks of consumption in my household of three.


Week 9: Iterate and Collaborate

I wasn’t able to collaborate in class this week as I was sick but over the course of the week I brainstormed with my sister, who is a waste consultant and my dad who is a park ranger. We discussed certain topics that Australia’s future is facing in terms of waste collection.

Initially I wanted to create a junk pictures/portraits using left over materials I have lying around, a lot actually from previous MEDA art works I have done. For example make the apple logo or an exxon company logo e.g. British Petroleum out of junk.



I also was out the other day filming for another assignment in the Botanic gardens and found this can floating in the water (very American Beauty floating plastic bag…) and I thought it could be interesting to incorporate videos of trash in natural environments around (or in) these junk picture/installations.

*insert video*

Maybe I could… 

Do a four channel installation with Google, apple, Microsoft and Facebook… have physical junk creating their logos but then have (dystopian) video over the top. After collecting garbage over a couple of days I found it was hard to collect the same of  certain colour. I still would love to incorporate some parts of these ideas into my final work but I think I want to steer my project into a more refined topic. Such as the glass stock piling issue in Australia.

An investigation by Four Corners revealed that not all the glass we sort to be recycled actually gets recycled. Most of it ends up in landfill. It’s Australia’s “dirty little secret.” The Australian Government are not completely supporting the recycling industry.


The issue is explained briefly in a video in the link below:


Possible materials to use:

  • glass bottles
  • small scale skip bin
  • wheelie bins

Making a trip to Wollongong’s waste disposal depot could help greatly also.


Week 8: Development and Discussion

For this week of experimentation I thought I would follow on with the theme of Dystopian futures. I drew inspiration from the works of Simon Stalenhag. The majority of his works are oil paintings that depict some sort of Dystopia, usually snow as the backdrop.


Simon Stalenhag Missing Person (2014)

I edited videos I had taken of snow falling adding blur to make them look as if they were also oil paintings.

*Compress file size of video to put on vimeo*

I also drew inspiration from one of my 2016 MEDA works where I edited photos I had taken to look as if they were pencil drawings.

I spent most of the lesson trying to get my file to work for the projectors, so I was unable to present to the class. I started off with one of the larger projectors but then found that the picture quality didn’t do my video justice. So I then moved onto a Qumi projector which didn’t support the file type I had exported.

When I was doing research after this lesson, I started to veer more towards artworks that were about waste and landfill.

Maybe I could create a physical representation of the waste hierarchy? Or maybe I need to focus in one particular issue in waste management?

waste hierachy


Week 4

From the excursion to the MCA in week 4 Marco Fusinato’s work Parallel Collisions interested me. It reminded me of my photography major I created at the end of last semester.

My work:

Fusinato’s work:

There is a possibility I could make a fusion of my photography work and Fusinato’s work. Possibly into some sort of installation. I would carry on the main theme of mismatched fragments that have reassembled.

Week 3: Invention and Innovation

Who am I as a creative professional?

2 creative practitioners sites and their best parts: 

http://blublu.org/sito/walls/001.html: Blu’s inventive layout expresses exactly who they are as an artist. The home page is an open sketch book and has tabs presented as bookmarks. It’s a really interesting and captivating way of showing creative works. One pitfall I think is that it can be a little overwhelming and their isn’t too much in writing about who the artist is. Although in saying this, I think the works presented tell a visual story about the artist.

http://www.georgekhut.com/: George Khut’s website is minimalistic and effective. It’s also overflowing with information.


My Skills/Qualities:

  • Editing
  • Animation
  • Production Management
  • Photography
  • Programs: Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut Pro 7

Introduction and frame for my portfolio (essentially skills qualities continued..):

  • Dynamic, creative media professional
  • Adapting to new environments
  • Creative collaboration
  • A range of interests and experience


  • Director/Producer Assistant: Operation of the autocue machine for WIN News and assistance for director.
  • Production/Runner for short film Cattle
  • Miscellaneous works created for University and TAFE from 2015-2017